Domestic and General

Domestic and General has been taking care of home appliances in the UK for over 100 years. They offer insurance and repair services to keep appliances protected and in top shape. As the leading provider in the UK, they sought to refresh their platform and integrate a design system to streamline their services.

My role

  • Joined the design leadership team
  • Taught the team Figma and fostered a collaborative approach to design
  • Educated leadership, design, and engineering teams on design systems
  • Mentored 6 designers as a team lead
  • Led the redesign of their platform to not only look fresher but also function as a white-label service for various brands


We adopted a collaborative approach to ensure strong buy-in from stakeholders. Involving them in every step—from research and interviews to workshops, sketching, and design critiques—proved highly beneficial. Stakeholders were happier being part of the process, felt involved in decisions, and were more inclined to embrace our suggestions.

Design system

Incorporating a design system alongside the redesign made migrating the existing platform to the new style much more manageable. This collaborative approach also helped in gaining strong buy-in from stakeholders, who appreciated being part of the process and were more inclined to support our decisions.


The team experienced significant growth in learning Figma, working collaboratively, thinking in terms of design systems, and taking ownership. It was incredibly rewarding to share my knowledge and see the team improve rapidly. The redesign was a success and was seamlessly adopted throughout the platform.

Want to know more

There's obviously way more to the project than you can see here. Let's grab a coffee or tea in person so I can walk you through it!

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