Monjasa is a Danish company that trades and supplies marine fuels globally. Known for their strong connections and willingness toward digital innovation, Monjasa approached us to create a customer dashboard, a companion app for vessels, and a planning and routing platform to create an ecosystem for bunkering.

My role

  • Joined the leadership team to represent creative
  • Set up a design environment to ideate and serve customer needs through a comprehensive design process
  • Educated leadership, design, and engineering teams about the value of design, ways of working, and design systems
  • Managed the full design cycle from concept to asset delivery
  • Transitioned the team from Sketch to Figma to enhance scalability through collaboration and a unified design system


We don’t create products without validation. We discovered that their current processes were very physically oriented, with each location having its own way of working. We engaged with operators and supercargo (vessel workers) to ensure we were building the right solution. Traveling to Dubai to observe current processes firsthand was an incredible experience. It provided valuable insights into what users wanted in a digitized version of their workflows. We then developed a design system that could be used across the two products and for future projects.

Design system

We needed to create an environment where multiple projects could be seamlessly integrated. We designed a robust architecture to ensure scalability and consistency. Eventually, every Monjasa project will be able to use the same design system, making it incredibly easy to launch new projects.


We developed a connected ecosystem of software for bunkering. Clients can place orders through the dashboard, the planning software schedules efficient routes, and the companion app provides real-time updates to clients and stakeholders during key moments of the delivery. Post-delivery receipts are automatically sent to clients, streamlining the entire process.

Want to know more?

There’s obviously much more to each project than I can showcase here. Let’s grab a coffee or tea so I can walk you through it in person!

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