Manpower specializes in staffing and human resource services, connecting millions of individuals with meaningful employment opportunities across various industries. Their expertise in understanding market trends and providing tailored employment solutions underscores their position as a leading player in the global staffing industry.

My role

  • Joined the design team to create an app for global staff to manage timesheets, check payroll, find and request new jobs, and receive tailored information
  • Created journeymaps and supported in user interviews
  • Designed the look and feel of the app and set up a design and motion system
  • Managed the full design cycle from concept to asset delivery
  • Established the Figma environment and design architecture


We engaged with several Manpower employees throughout the process to understand current operations, the software they used, and their communication workflows. We mapped out these insights in journey maps and devised a digital solution to simplify timesheet entries, job tracking, and payroll checking for Manpower’s employees. Collaborating closely with Manpower stakeholders, we held several review sessions to ensure alignment and gather feedback.

Design system

Our goal was to create a collaborative environment where all designers could easily access the necessary projects and files. Given our close collaboration with the engineering team, it was crucial that files and assets were easily locatable. We aimed to create a unified experience across Android, iOS, and potentially web platforms. We also incorporated motion design to enhance the user experience by delivering information at the right time and improving the visual flow.


The result was a connected ecosystem that streamlined staffing operations. Employees could easily manage timesheets, track upcoming jobs, and check payslips through the app. This unified approach not only improved efficiency but also provided a consistent and engaging user experience across multiple platforms.

Want to know more?

There’s obviously much more to each project than I can showcase here. Let’s grab a coffee or tea so I can walk you through it in person!

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